A pleasant product results from multiple sequential progressions of product development; it is not just about the idea or the design but a whole lot of effort behind it. A creative product development process is applicable to bring a product idea to life. It is a three significant step process, 

Product Idea > Product Development > Product

It’s not that hard to configure that decor trends change along the season. Especially after the pandemic shadow, when it was all about blending style and practicality as we all continued to spend more time in our homes. 

 It is essential for the manufacturers to follow the trends, just as GBSL understands the requirements and always tries to hold the hand over the trends. 

During the pandemic, when couches became the comfort place all around the globe, the outside world began to attract less, which also affected the decor trends. As a result, loud and bold colors are taking reverse gear and replaced by quiet and calm ones. Most people like their surroundings to be serene and peaceful, for which they choose a calm, neutral, and composed color palette, including colors like beige, tan, charcoal, chocolate, gray, coffee, and more. 

Decor Trends in 2022

Home Decor is all about blending style and practicality with a hint of sustainability and youthfulness.  From new color palettes to unique furniture choices, experiments can be done all and over to create a homely multilingual vibe. 

GBSL understands the changing decor trends, knowing what’s hot and what’s not to stay tuned with the newest wrinkle and nerve upon the requirements with ease. 

Following up on what’s in trend, we configured multiple ideas to bring life to your homes and lively spaces. Let’s see what those are, 

Biophilic Design: This concept is used within the building industry to increase occupant connectivity to the natural environment. It emphasizes creating calming environments with natural lighting and ventilation, incorporating plants, and creating a visual connection with nature.

Bold Patterns: Every wall captures the imagination behind its makers. Bright color, bold patterns, and beautiful hand-block-printed fabrics are highly in trend. 

Attention to Details: Observation gives a pathway to the imagination, considering every little detail of each wall and corner makes it facile for the makers and designers to comply with a complete customer satisfaction endeavor. The attention to detail can make all the difference to how your home looks and feels. 

GBSL offers to manage Design, Development, Sourcing, Quality, and Delivery from multiple makers and regions across Asia to meet international customer needs. 

Curved Furnishings: Arches and curved are retrograde, while talking about the trends, designers are always ahead with some exciting and latest creations. Curvy and round-shaped furniture is becoming the newest trend in home decors & design. Curved Furnishing reflects our desire for a soft, cozy, and happy home. 

Color of the Year: When talking about trends, we can’t forget about Pantone and its color of the year. Very Peri, as decided, is the year’s color;  2022 includes multiple ideas for home decor and furnishing trends. You may also visit our previous blog, where we discussed Very Peri with deep reference for more updates.

Towards the conclusion, we see that Calm color, textures, and furnishing all together make the trend for 2022. This trend focuses more on removing stress from your life with the inclusion of designing the place you spend most of your time. Home Decor trends may vary each year but always carry an aim to bring a comfortable, peaceful, and healthy living. 

Inferring the needs of the future, GBSL creates synergy between the Makers and the Market, delivering effective execution and benchmark quality products. 

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